we are designers

We are visual communicators. We design graphics, logos, and create brands for both print and Web. We design powerful Powerpoint and video presentations. We design for the user experience.

we are developers

We produce clean code and stable websites. We respect web standards and browsers. Database-driven projects are our speciality. We develop complex e-commerce platforms, and are passionate about the user experience.

we are marketers

We create, deliver and maintain content for brochures, user guides, newsletters, flyers, and websites. We tend to content during its lifecycle and use intelligent SEO analytics to help measure its impact on your bottom line.

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About ActiveCanvas

ActiveCanvas believes that design is about solving problems. When it comes to websites, content is king. We think it’s more important to be inspired by brilliant solutions than by visual flourish. Our goal is to enable anyone to be successful in Internet marketing. More »

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