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Cadeau is a St. Louis-based wealth management and investment firm specializing in asset preservation, investments and legacy planning. Cadeau wanted a website they could use to guide client discussions both online and during office meetings regarding the different financial products they offer.

ActiveCanvas’ solution was to create a vibrant, energetic style that expressed the spirit of personal service and attention to detail. Each section has a unique color palette to help visitors understand where they are on the site. A combination of illustrations and photo elements and interactive elements keep visitors engaged.

A password-protected area has Advisor resources and encourages collaboration. Advisors and clients can purchase hand-selected books directly from Amazon through the site’s partner store. A contact form is designed to qualify a visitor and at the same time broadcast the many services Cadeau offers to nonprofits as well as high net worth families and individuals.

Because the domain name ‘wherelifemeetswealth’ is not SEO friendly, we helped Cadeau acquire two SEO-friendly domain names that mirror the main site and redirect traffic to it. Cadeau’s Website Analytics report showed a 42% increase in unique visits.

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