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ActiveCanvas is a boutique agency founded in 1994. We’ve earned our wings in the interactive communities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Cincinnati. In 2013 we relocated to Florida’s Treasure Coast where we still try harder and work smarter to create and build the creative things that foster deep connections between brands and their customers.

The one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is our dedication to user-centered design, content-driven SEO, and bulletproof code. We jump into projects with the mindset of being true partners with our customers, even when this means having honest conversations and asking difficult questions.

We specialize in custom design, dynamic databases, and strong content. Our work is original. Every pixel uniquely represents the brand and message of our clients’ businesses. We pride ourselves on getting things done quickly, which is getting more important all the time in today’s business realities. We work out of our home and answer our own phones. We think we work well under pressure. That’s when our smaller size really helps.

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Linda Wolf Linda Wolf portrait

Linda has been part of the interactive scene in LA, Chicago, Cincinnati, Boston, and South Florida for over 20 years. She insists that every client have high quality, strategic solutions and her full attention whether the project is high profile and complex or sweet and small. Originally a logo designer, she spent 18 years in corporate sales before starting ActiveCanvas in 1994.

Linda is the project manager and creative side of ActiveCanvas.


Eric WolfEric Wolf portrait

In 2009, after an extensive career in technology, Eric came on board. He is right-brained with degrees all over his office walls. He has extensive experience in solving complex problems and loves doing it. He’s passionate about communication and trustworthiness. No detail escapes him. Eric is the reason our websites are bulletproof.

Eric is the lead developer and technology side of ActiveCanvas.

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Steps to a Successful Site:

Customers know within 5 seconds if a website is worth browsing.

  1. Navigation is obvious and intuitive.
  2. Pages load quickly.
  3. Information is easy to find and easy to scan and read.
  4. Pages behave as they should.
  5. You are never stuck at a deadend!

So what steps go into planning and building a successful site?

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