Top Five Google Penalties

Top Five Google Penalties

Google is the most-used search engine in the world…and everyone dreams of their business name showing up on the first page of Google. This means Google must work really hard to assure that no URL cheats to get there.

Those  of us who don’t “pay per click” and instead rely on organic or natural search results must follow some basic do’s and don’ts to avoid Google’s “punishment” for violating their quality guidelines. Can your business afford the time it takes to recover from being dropped to last place in search results? Probably not, so here what not to do:

Keyword stuffing is using lots of keywords to rank your page artificially. Instead, use natural language and say what you mean. Example: Car wash services are not all alike. Some car wash services charge too much, other car wash services don’t offer a final dry. Our car wash services are the best!

Thin content: Google’s job is to deliver quality content to users. When a site’s content has little or no value to the user and exists only to crowd out competitive sites from the search results, Google rejects it.

Thin affiliate websites: avoid merely copying a merchant’s website to sell the same product yourself.

Duplicate content: some people actually duplicate their competitor’s website content while merely changing the name.

Spammy content: it’s when one scrapes together text from other ranked sites with no regard for the user experience.

Every site we build has Google Analytics embedded in the site’s code and our clients rest easy knowing that their business website is and will remain 100% clean from Google penalties. But the real key to higher rankings is strong content written optimized for keywords for an audience you understand, adding links, and making it visually appealing to read.