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Balancing creativity and best practices. Keys to website success.

Occasionally we hear from a prospective customer, “…can you work up a quick design so our team can evaluate it before we get your proposal?” We always politely say we won’t. Effective websites require a healthy dose of creativity for sure, but website success lives and dies with good design combined with best practices for conversion optimizationThe science of applying layouts, copy text, images, and offers that improve website sales and leads. and search engine optimizationThe process of improving visibility of a website or web page in search engines via natural (unpaid) search results.. We create web pages that are capable of doing both - ranking well so that people can find you, then turning prospects to customers with a high conversion rate.

Creativity begins with collaborative listening. It’s important that we learn as much about our customer’s audience as we learn about their product or services. Good design is never created in a vacuum, instead it’s the reflection of who you are, what you do, and what you want your website visitors to do next. What’s your reflection? Let’s talk about it at 772-932-7969.

Email Set-up

This is a guide for correct email settings using ActiveCanvas-served email accounts.

Learn Good Web Design by Looking at Bad Web Design

For over 20 years, this ugly but intriguing website has inspired us to stick to the best web design practices and to avoid the list of the top 30 web design mistakes.

Using PDFs on Websites

Learn why forcing users to browse PDF files is not good practice on websites, and guidelines for serving PDF files for download.


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