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Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York : Branding Project

When PPGGNY wanted a new logo, the wish list included a corporate look and feel that symbolized the many aspects of planning giving. While their motto would remain the same - “at the heart of charitable giving” and their name is pronounced “pig’-knee” they specifically did not want handshake, heart, or pig symbols. We prepared a creative brief on the theme of ‘interconnectedness’ and presented two passes at alternative designs and colors. For their symbol, PPGGNY chose a monochromatic prism in five teal opacities that represent 1) knowledge, 2) focus, 3) interconnectedness, 4) interaction, and 5) transformation.

The prism is used throughout their marketing collateral in a variety of color and black and white arrays.

Website branding through imagery highlights New Yorkers’ philanthropic contribution to the arts in New York City. From a view of the classic Guggenheim museum roof to the graceful dance of the New York City Ballet, to the New York City Library, Washington Bridge and statue in the New York Zoo - each section reminds visitors of the beauty, history and charity of their city.

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